Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Starting with the youngest to oldest.

Toni is doing her 3rd year of Law at university and has been doing well. She is just bankrupting her parents. I told her she was too expensive. Her reply was "but I'm worth it."

Bronwyn is still in the UK. She has two girls Faith & Shayla and there should be a boy any day now.

Cher is still in Port Shepstone but needs to find another job soon. Where she was working decided to close shop.

Nicky has two children Aiden and Leah. Right now a stay at home mom but I suspect she would like to be working.

Home assignment

We are currently on home assignment. What does that mean? every 4 years we are supposed to go back to our "home/sending" country to do report back and also to raise our support level. But we have been a bit longer in doing that this time, almost 5 years since we last were on home assignment.

We are very blessed that we have been able to get to so many of our supporting Churches and prayer groups so far. We are about half way through and still have a lot of traveling ahead of us. This Friday 6th we head from Pretoria to Bloemfontein and then onto the Cape.

We have been overwhelmed by the reception we have received so far and the number of preaching opportunities we have been given. And not just presentations. In the last 3 weeks we have been to 3 new Churches and have been thrilled to see how missions is a major focus. FANTASTIC! 

Going to town

What used to be quite an ordeal has turned into a real driving pleasure. The trip used to take around 6 hours of being jostled, shaken and bumped to get there for our monthly shopping trip. WE HAVE A TAR ROAD! It takes about two and a half to three hours and very scenic. Praise the Lord!

A long over due update

I just can't believe how long ago I got to do an update on this blog. My apologies everyone. I don't have any real excuse to offer. I have just been caught up with so many other things.

On the right of the page you will notice "Joshua" our new Land Cruiser. We named it that because: Jehovah is generous or Jehovah saves. The Lord is faithful. Our old Land Rover had done it's bit and was finished. It has been about 6 months now that we have been driving "Joshua" and we are still pinching ourselves. There have been a number of contributors to enable us to purchase this vehicle.  The Lord used very generous folks in Australia and South Africa and the sale of the old car, to make this possible.

Id like to share a prayer with you which I prayed some time back and was brought back to memory a little while ago. In the area we work in, there are 100's of thousands of people who have no witness to the TRUE GOSPLE of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The very same message Jesus preached in all the villages and towns He went to. So I prayed: I would go and find these people and take the truth to them and plant Churches there. But the old Land Rover was not up to the task as it often broke down. That if the Lord would provide us with a new vehicle, we would go. Anyone like to guess what we will be doing when we get back to Mozambique after our current "home assignment"? Please pray that we would be able to do a work pleasing to the Lord.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tough times

We are so blessed that we have all of you folks praying with standing with us as we serve in this district of Mossurize in Mozambique. Dawn & I not only are leading the missionary team here. But We are also basically heading up the Church on behalf of American Board. Mateus of Mkumba and Joaquim of Sambanje are two of the men we are really concentrating on to disciple and train. 

But myself and mainly Mateus are having a deal with a lot of discipline issues. 2 Cases in particular that we ask your prayer. James and his wife Nyarai of Siyabuzana are having problems. Each have been the other of affairs. And our Sunday school leader Manguisa has been accused of similar problems but he is single. These three are people we had really hoped would be future leaders in the Church. This situation puts us squarely in the spot light.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Please pray.

Time is one of those strange things that creeps up on you and then next thing you are trying to play catch-up. Please would you pray sincerely with us for our replacement vehicle. Early July we get the first of our outreach teams. And it would be so nice to have our vehicle by then. Thanks for partnering with us.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bush Telegraph
April 2014

Jinx & Dawn Reyneke

Serving with AIM among the Ndau
Working to see Christ Centered Churches among all African people.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” 
Is 55:8-9

Dear All,
What a time we had last week at Bible School! Full of unexpected twists and turns on this rollercoaster ride….
This month we had many students once again and for the first time we had 4 ladies in the group as well as an increasing number of young men.  Praise the Lord! Their enthusiasm to want to know more is such an encouragement and their questions are sometimes challenging which keeps us on our toes!

On the Wednesday afternoon we had a young man and his wife come to see us. Their names are Silas and Joyce. Silas wanted to convert! Joyce had already done so a while ago. Jinx spoke to Silas and our evangelist, Joachim went through the prayer with him. When Silas was told that he had to burn everything that he had from the witchdoctor he was already a few steps ahead of us and had it with him in a bag. The items included a big snake skin that he needed for protection… wow, God is good! A fire was quickly made and the items burnt. Please pray for Silas as he ventures on this new exciting journey with the Lord…
These are only two highlights of the week but there were many more. On the downside:- a wonderful young married man that the Mac’s, Cecilia & Jenn had been investing in, had a “fall.” He has eloped with another married lady. This came as a huge shock to the Church, community and ourselves. We have since heard that he wants to come back and pay the ‘fines’ to the families which is culturally correct. Please pray for him as he wants to do the right thing and for the community/Church to handle the situation with forgiveness and love.
Culture runs deep and sometimes we feel like we taking one step forward and five backwards, then we look around and see those that are walking strong which encourages us to carry on. Please continue to pray with us for the Ndau people for their ears to be opened and hearts softened to hear the Gospel.

This photo is to show you what our road looks like. This photo was taken recently after the heavy rains that we had. At the moment the road works are still continuing and hopefully by the end of next year we will have beautiful tar roads. We are all so looking forward to that day!
The Roloff’s, Jenn & ourselves have Vehicle Projects going at the moment and are all at various levels. Please pray with us for the projects…..

Our vehicle replacement progress;
Isn’t it wonderful/crazy/amazing when we decide to be patient and wait on the Lord. That we begin to really see the wonderful ways in which He provides. It reminds me a bit of how king Saul was impatient in waiting for the prophet Samuel to arrive so that Saul could go and attack the enemy. Not having enough patience, Saul went ahead and made the sacrifice himself and as soon as he did it Samuel  arrived. Saul lost the favour of the Lord.
Now me not being Saul but am impatient in some areas have always gone ahead and bought a vehicle, which we could afford in a short term (lack of patience). This time however we have decided to be very patient. God is in the business of miracles and He does them well.
This is a picture of the miracle we are waiting on the Lord. We have been so  blessed by you, our partners who have contributed towards buying this vehicle. Our expectation is that this vehicle will be the vehicle that will see us through to the end of our official missionary serving days. (demons don’t retire, neither will we)
So where do we actually stand right now? Talk about a faithful God! We have received just under half of what we need. We still have the old Discovery Land Rover to be sold in Pretoria. We are hoping to get around R45-000 for it. We still have the small tip-truck to be sold in Mozambique and hoping to get around R40 to 45-000 for it. We have a way to go before we reach the target.
Please would you give thanks; With us for the provision that God has already given towards new vehicle.
Please pray with us; That the balance of the short fall will be provided and also for the speedy sale of the Discovery & tip-truck.
Team News:
At the moment is just Jenn and us here with Cecilia in Brazil and the Roloff’s in the States. They should be coming back in the next few months. We look forward to their arrivals! The Dycks, McCorkells, Michael & Kaylee have all returned to their home countries having completed their time here. So sad.
Once again, there are not enough words to thank each one of you for your partnership with us over the years– we do value your support in all areas.                                                  
Many Blessings
Jinx & Dawn

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 2014 Newsletter

 Bush Telegraph
 January 2014

Jinx & Dawn Reyneke
Serving with AIM among the Ndau
Working to see Christ Centered Churches, 
among all African people.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance and give you peace.”
Numbers 6: 24-26

 Dear All,
2014! Already? We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Over the years we have had more and more people partnering with us along the way who have missed the start of our journey.
Past: We initially went to Namibia to work alongside Pat & Geoff Hartley but were evacuated in 2000 and we returned to SA. We did not know where the Lord was sending us to next until someone suggested Mozambique. AIM Mozambique and our home church had a vision to reach the Ndau, a  minimally reached people group in the Mossurize district. After praying we felt that this was where the Lord was calling us to and spent the next year learning Portuguese in South Africa.

In 2002 we moved to Espungabera, the district ‘capital’ with a population of about 15000 however, the outer lying rural population is estimated to be in the 100’s of thousands. Initially our mandate was Church Planting and developing/mentoring the Church leaders alongside a local Church– Igreja de Cristo Unida em Moรงambique. From an original three churches, 11 additional churches were planted. The rural churches are between 20 and 135 km from Espungabera. With the Churches stretching over such a large area the work quickly became a mobile ministry. We then decided to begin a small informal Bible School and invited the leaders to participate for one week each month.

While trying to fulfil the “Great Commission” to go and make disciples, we came to the point where the logistics of effectively discipling the leaders and new converts became overwhelming. An urgent need became apparent to bring together a team of likeminded missionaries to grow a mature Church. The first team members arrived in 2010 and continued until 2013. At present we are 4 couples, 3 singles and 5 children from all over the world– our own little ‘rainbow’ nation. Jinx and I are blessed to be   leading this team.
The areas that we are working in are spiritually dark with African Traditional Churches and cults found throughout the district. There are many false prophets, witchdoctors and ancestral worship which continues to lead people astray.
Our vision is to disciple national believers with the goal that they become leaders and are able to disciple their own new converts and to plant new effective churches without outsider influence.

Present: This past Friday afternoon Jenn, Michael, Jinx & myself did a prayer walk around the property and found several items that had been ‘planted’. We prayed over them and burnt them in a fire. This is something that we continually have to do around all our properties.

Although the elections have passed there are still incidents happening mainly in the Gorongosa and Save area. The media block still is in place but of late some news has been filtering through on the local TV– not much though. In one area people have been seeking refuge at a local school. However, all is calm in our area with no incidents and we continue to keep our ears and eyes open. The mission has travel restrictions in place.

Future: Jinx and I will be making a flying trip to SA on the 15th of this month. I have a dentist appointment on the 17th to fix a broken tooth and we pay the bank a visit to apply for another Student Loan for Toni. We hope to be back the 23rd/24th.
Ladies ministries, Literacy classes, Bible Studies and Bible School will start again next month. They all close down for the planting and harvesting season.
This year there will be 3 Outreach teams coming. In May/June, Jenn will have a team here from the States, July- we will be receiving the SA team and in September-the Brazilian team arrives.
In October Jinx and I will be taking our Home Assignment of 6 months where we go round to visit folks and Churches. This is always a great time for us catching up everybody and sharing on a more personal level.

We give thanks for:
· the priviledge of working here among the Ndau
· Our good health
· The Lord’s provision and protection
· Our faithful prayer/financial supporters
· Our wonderful team
· The ‘Godly’ leaders that we have
· The monies we have received in our Motor  Vehicle Fund to date.

Pray with us for:
· our protection working in this dark area
· Peace in Mozambique
· The travel to SA and back
· Toni’s student loan– that it will be hassle free
· The various teams coming up
· The church leaders and their daily struggles
· Continued unity within our team
· Wisdom to lead the team
· Our vehicle fund raising.

 We thank the Lord for your faithful support over the years. Without you, we would not be here doing what the Lord called us to do and we are only as strong as the driving force behind us. We truly value your partnership. Until next month…..

Jinx & Dawn  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

We Blessed!

Why are we blessed? Because God is faithful and is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow. And we He has given us rain now so far 5 days continuously. We happy & we blessed.